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Type: Wireless Earbuds


Compatible Products: Apple iOS and Android smartphones Bluetooth Devices (4.1 and above)


Top features: 

Get the most from your workouts with the in-ear heart rate monitor

- Secure reliable fit with complete freedom from wires

- Superior sound and music as well as up to 13.5 hours battery using the carry case

Get the most from your workouts

Get your own personalised fitness regime from your earbuds with the Jabra Elite Sport 2.0 Wireless Headphones.

Featuring a highly accurate heart rate monitor and integrated app that tests and analyses your fitness, the Elite Sport 2.0 Headphones bring everything you need to start taking your health and fitness seriously. If you don't want to wear a fitness band all day, but still want feedback on your exercise, these could be the perfect addition to your work out. 

Get realtime guidance, advice on recovery, predicted race paces as well as feedback on your heart rate throughout the time you're wearing them.

Secure reliable fit

We all know the struggle of in-ear headphones that dont fit quite right, so you end up spending most of your workout readjusting them. The Elite Sport 2.0 Headphones come with silicone and foam earwings in three different sizes, so you can find the fit that's best for you. No matter how vigorous the spin session, treadmill sprint or circuits class, they'll stay firmly and comfortably in place.

Thanks to true wireless technology, the Elite Sport 2.0 Headphones are completely cord free, so if you only want to wear one ear bud you can put the other one safely away instead of having it dangling while you try to focus. The earbuds are also water and sweat resistant, and come with a three year warranty against failure from sweat.

Superior sound and music

With bass enriched audio and advanced four-microphone calling technology, the Jabra Elite Sport Headphones don't compromise on all-important sound and call quality. Whether you're listening to a podcast, getting pumped to a workout playlist or jogging while you call mum for a quick chat, everything will sound great. 

The portable carry case gives you two recharges - up to an extra nine hours of battery life - so you can get a whole weeks worth of workout music just from popping them back in their case when you're done.

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