Chronos Acqua Biohidrizante promotes instant hydration recharge and stimulates the skin to hydrate itself in an intelligent way. Its acqua formula is light, refreshing, ultra hydrating and penetrates the skin quickly, with its active, prebiotic and intelligent hydration technology, which activates the skin's 5 self-hydration mechanisms, maintaining the balance of the microbiota and repairing the hydration levels of according to the needs of each region of the face.



• Immediately: Hyaluronic acid-BT promotes instant recharge and increases skin water levels by up to 84%.

• 7 days: Soft and hydrated skin, free from the signs of dryness.

• 15 days: Activates the skin's five self-hydrating mechanisms and, with fevillea, stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid.

• 30 days: With prebiotic that promotes a balanced and strengthened skin, maintains the balance of the microbiota and strengthens the skin barrier.



• Fevilea: Exclusive active ingredient in Brazilian biodiversity that stimulates natural mechanisms for the production of hyaluronic acid, increasing water levels in the deeper layers of the skin.

• Prebiotic: Active that balances the skin's microbiota, helping to strengthen the skin barrier.

• Hyaluronic Acid-BT: Biotechnological active that immediately increases the skin's hydration levels.


Content: 40g.

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